Heads Up! It's the Big Bash

Art Direction, Design, Advertising
December, 2016
Last season saw sixes smashed out of the stadiums, damage caused and wreak havoc on the poor seagulls. Notably the infamous Rob Quiney incident of last season.
Idea & execution:
To dramatise this and bring some humour by taking a look at where these massive sixes land when they leave the stadium and the trouble they could cause.
Use the tagline "HEADS UP!”, this is iconic for lots of cricket players & fans. It is usually yelled out if a ball is in the air and could hit someone in the head. “Head’s up! It's The Big Bash!”
Sticking with the big shots theme, a library of hero images were created to be simple and not detracting from the promotion. To keep the creative fresh throughout the Big Bash we have a unique hero image to represent each promo.
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